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Workplace Solutions

Employee Assistance Programs

Employee assistance programs increase resilience in your employees. Personal and work stressors are an inevitable part of life. Normal stressors that go un-addressed reduce engagement and productivity. Employers can reduce stress in their workforce and create a more resilient organization by offering an Employee Assistance Program. Helping your employees manage stress, especially work stress, becomes an asset to the organization by ensuring that employees bring their best self to work every day.

Resilient Employees Are the Key to Organizational Success

Organizational wellness is defined as the workforce members’ level of emotional and intellectual resilience and commitment to accomplishing the organization’s work, mission, and vision. Integrative Counseling Solutions provides leadership to organizations that want to achieve higher levels of organizational wellness. This is done by improving workplace relationships, promoting personal growth and productivity, assisting with workplace concerns, and teaching employees and leaders resiliency skills.

Workplace Consultations

In our fast paced society, executive leaders and middle management are busier than ever. They often do not have time and are not equipped with the psychological knowledge that is required to effectively manage complex human dynamics. Leadership can benefit from an organizational consultant who helps them identify solutions and focus on solving complex problems that affect productivity and climate. Leaders who utilize these services report that it saves them time and builds their leadership skills.

Stress Management Education

Help your employees succeed by providing them with opportunities to learn about and develop their resiliency skills. Studies show that employees who are provided psychological educational opportunities are better able to manage their stress, increase their resiliency skills, and are more engaged and productive.

Team Building

Positive workplace relationships are key drivers of engagement and productivity. Employees will be better equipped to work on teams if they understand how to appreciate differences and engage in healthy conflict. Help your employees work effectively together and build strong relationships and teams.

Improve productivity and relationships through team building workshops!

Personality Assessments

Do you ever wonder why individuals in your organization behave in certain ways? Psychological assessments can help answer these questions by providing valuable insight into the personalities and behaviors of individuals and teams. Assessments help people understand and regulate their own behaviors, get along better with others, and become more effective leaders.

Understand individuals and relationships better through personality assessments!


A Revolutionary therapy for rapid change and treatment of anxiety, trauma and PTSD for children, teens and adults. Brainspotting therapy combines the strengths of brain-based and talk therapies into a powerful technique. Developed by Dr. David Grand, author of Emotional Healing at Warp Speed and Brainspotting. Currently six staff are trained in this modality, they have openings and can accept most insurances.

Brain Health Coaching

An innovative program that is exclusive to Integrative Counseling Solutions, can help you,your children, or partner build resilience, mindfulness and coping and relaxation skills to deal with the stressors in your life including COVID, children learning from home while you are working from home and other changes needed during a a global pandemic. This program is not covered by insurance but may be covered by your Flex Spending Account or Medical Savings Account.

Substance Use Disorder Program

Our innovative Substance Use Disorder Program, POSSIBILITIES!! This service can be provided online or in-person. There are immediate openings, and most insurances are accepted. Call today for more information.